Free Venue Hire In Worthing? Oh the possibilities.

Here at Worthing Dome Events in Worthing, West Sussex we are offering free Venue Hire in August 2017 and a discount of 50% on Room Hire Fees for September 2017. We have great dates still available and the choice of the Whispering Gallery, our Main Lounge & the Vintage Tearoom for those last minute Summer Parties.

Now perhaps you are thinking that you don’t have any reason to take advantage of our free Venue Hire & 50% off Room Hire Offers. So here are a few ideas.

  • Impulsive wedding to that sailor you met last week when he came ashore from building the wind farm.
  • Celebrate your Birthday that until two days before you had decided to ignore.
  • Holding a naming ceremony for your 12 year old child because you forgot to do it when he was a baby.
  • Hold a last-minute Barn Dance.
  • Exhibit you’re A-level Art work that you have since decided was as genius as anything Leonardo de Vinci produced.
  • Organise a thank you event for your employees.


How will our rooms with free Venue Hire in Worthing work for you?


Whispering Gallery – Great free Venue Hire in Worthing for those smaller occasions. Our quirky mezzanine room is held over two floors – perfect for dancing on one and feasting on the other. Or why not add a Vintage afternoon tea to your occasion and have the most dignified of events?

Vintage Tearooms – Available for free Venue Hire in Worthing, West Sussex after 6pm. No dancing in this space but what a great room for those classy Cocktail Parties. This room is surrounded in Vintage memorabilia and a feast for the eyes. The terrace is also fabulous for these warmer weathers.

Main Lounge & Bar – Our Dining room. The perfect Worthing free Venue Hire for glamourous events. Able to seat up to 160 of your most distinguished friends, acquaintances (and people you have to invite). With its great dance space for those who love to party and the quieter bar area for guests to catch up the room is ideal for any occasion, from smaller get togethers to big events.

What are you waiting for? You’ve already found the perfect venue.

So celebrate the good times in Worthing with our free Venue Hire offers! A perfect reason to book Worthing’s most unique venue for an anniversary, birthday, wedding or get together.

Room Hire offer is not available to existing bookings.

Room Hire is dependent upon availability.

Other Terms & Conditions apply.